All choreography packages offer building or non-building options. All building packages include an accompanied building expert at the time of instruction. Inquire or submit form below for pricing.


Cheer Choreography


Routine Clean-up or Upgrades

Ideal for mid-season, This option is for teams with routines mostly completed, but need a few adjustments or enhancements

All levels & Divisions

With building: up to 12 hours of instruction

Without building: up to 9 hours of instruction

Full Routine


Routine Sections

A la carte options: Specific to a teams needs without full routine choreography (i.e., dance section only).

Routine Development 

Option for teams needing full choreography from a basic, blocked format.

J.Lew Choreography Reel

J.Lew Choreography Reel

Dance Choreography


Routine Clean-up or Upgrades

Ideal for mid-season.  This option is for teams with routines mostly completed, but need a few adjustments or enhancements

All divisions (College, High school, Studio, & All Star)

Team Performance





Hip Hop

Full Routine


Pro Routine Choreography

 Sideline/Time-Out Routines, Staged or Unstaged



Hip Hop


Prop Routines

Choreography Revisions & Clean-up

Staging Changes

Team Coaching and Cleaning

Additional Services

J.Lew Choreography also offers virtual services, including online classes & routine review. 

Interested in pre-recorded dances for sideline, hip hop, pom and cheer dance? Check out the Click & Shop!

Additional notes:

  • All rates for choreography are priced per athlete, in USD, and exclusive of additional music, travel and per diem. Any flat rate packages that include travel, or other discounted pricing can be negotiated by THE CLIENT and J. LEW CHOREOGRAPHY, documented in an associated contract, and reflected in an invoice.

  • FULL ROUTINES with building pricing will include an additional stunt specialist collaborating with J.LEW CHOREOGRAPHY at no additional cost to you!

  • International rates will vary and are adjusted with consideration of travel costs. Inquire within!

  • It is recommended, in most cases, that building choreography be completed by coaches prior to the first day of choreography, but not required. Transitional choreography will be provided INTO and OUT of stunt sections!


Thank you for your interest in J.Lew Choreography!  J.Lew Choreography is committed to following CDC guidelines and any additional protocols being implemented and adhered to by each program.

Routine Upgrades

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