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Who we work with!

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Don Francis

Brandon Mathieu

Brandon Mathieu is a competitive cheerleading choreographer from New Orleans, Louisiana, and owner of Do The Math Choreography. He has over 20 years of experience in all-star cheerleading in almost every role in the sport: athlete, coach, gym director, and gym owner. He believes his collaboration with diverse industry choreographers has heightened his level of expertise and creativity, and he has worked with numerous programs across all levels and divisions around the US and internationally. His strength as a choreographer lies heavily in scoresheet strategy, innovative routine composition, and building creativity. J. Lew Choreography is honored to be a partner with this amazing talent.

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Don Francis

Tiy Fountain

Owner, A Blaque Tiy Affair

Building Specialist and Choreographer

Tiy's amazing cheerleading career spans over four decades and is widely considered to be one of the foremost advisory, judging, choreography, and consultant experts in all star cheerleading. He was one of the few talents contributing heavily to the sport during its advent in the early 90's. 


This three-time NCA All American attended Florida International University and was a member of the team that won the historic NCA Collegiate Grand Championship title in 1998 alongside the world-renown Victor and Kristen Rosario, owners and coaches of Top Gun All Stars. He spent a vast amount of his career as coach and resident choreographer for World Cup All Stars.


His educational achievements from Milton Hershey School in Visual and Performing Arts have been a guiding inspiration and attribute to the passion and knowledge he's carried in his choreography career.

With NCA he received the L. R. Herkimer Team award as well as the Top Instructor Award, and has been recognized twice by American Cheerleader Magazine's, "Who's Who in America."


Tiy has also traveled abroad working, judging, and consulting in special events, camps, and choreography clinics in Chile, Germany,  England, Sweden and Switzerland.

Lisa Rose

Glenda Morales

Choreography Assistant

Glenda has been a dancer and performer out of Los Angeles, having worked in film, television, and stage for almost 20 years. She is widely known as one of the world-famous dancers in the group Fanny Pak, from the popular hit dance competition TV show, America's Best Dance Crew. Trained in multiple forms of dance, as well as cheerleading and gymnastics, she has is an all-round genius at her craft, and a valuable partner and assistant to J. Lew Choreography. Her life centers around her loves of raising her two kids, designing jewelry, teaching yoga, and lives and shares the importance of spirituality and wellness.

Tess Brown

Kyle Armstrong

All Star Director, Brandon All Stars,

Tumbling & Building Specialist

Kyle Armstrong is a stunt choreographer and All Star Director at Brandon All-Stars in Tampa, Florida. Kyle has over 20 years of experience in the industry, and is a team coach for Senior Black, Legacy, Smoke, and Fire. Kyle has won 5 World Championships, 3 NCA Grand National titles, and 4 Triple Crown titles. Kyle uses his expertise in coaching ALL levels to construct stunt sequences tailored to each team's abilities. J. Lew Choreography has had the distinct privilege to partner with him and his talents over the years, both with his teams, and other teams around the country.


Lisa Rose

Tony Gonzalez

Choreographer, Casting Director, Producer

Tony Gonzalez is a renown choreographer/creative director, casting director, and producer from Los Angeles, California. Though his experience and expertise are diverse and extensive along multiple forms of entertainment, he is widely known for his work in choreographing most of the Bring It On movie franchise. Most recently, he has worked as choreographer and casting director for the Fox series, The Masked Singer for five seasons.


Tony has cast over 100 National Commercials and choreographed over 300 spots for network television.. He has a rich background in the spirit industry, and remains active in teaching, choreographing, and judging in cheerleading and dance, specializing in multiple genres including hip hop, pom, and jazz. He also continues to contribute and collaborate with the NBA and NFL Pro dance teams around the world.

Lisa Rose

Pro Action Dance

Choreography & Instruction

Scholastic and Pro Market

There’s something quite liberating about their motto, “No fluff. Just great routines.” It lends itself to a very easy-going creative freedom. The powerhouse duo Mina and Marina Ortega, along with Dan and Millie Wilson of Pro Action Dance from Los Angeles, California, have danced, cheered, and choreographed in the spirit industry for well over two decades, serving the high school, collegiate, and pro dance markets (NFL, NBA, NHL) for just as long. Their annual dance intensive in Las Vegas along with their online subscription platform, PAD GO!, are a huge success and the #1 source for all things in sports entertainment.  We are proud and honored to be a partner and guest choreographer for this amazing team!

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