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J.Lew Choreography

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Fill out our new choreography request form, and we connect from there! 

J. LEW CHOREOGRAPHY still offers options to get your team ready for competition virtually! Contact us to set your own appointment and receive exclusive material created for your team, for any section of your routine!* 

Choose from over 25 different pieces of choreography & purchase your virtual instruction! 

Virtual classes that will keep your athletes engaged, and you don't have to lift a finger!

*Although still available, virtual choreography is now more limited since the return and restoration of travel and normal business operations. Inquire within.





I am 

Jonathan Lewis 

The career of dancer-choreographer Jonathan Lewis spans over 25 years. He began as a camp instructor/head instructor, master instructor, judge, and choreographer for the Varsity Spirit brands NCA and NDA, representing the companies for over 15 years. As a resident of Los Angeles, having also pursued a career in film and television, he worked with various artists and projects including the "Bring It On" movie franchise, combined with a successful business in the all-star cheerleading and dance markets. He has won innumerable nationals titles, worlds titles, and choreography awards with some of the most prestigious programs in the industry.


Jonathan also works in the NFL and NBA markets through Pro Action Dance and has choreographed halftime shows for the Bowl Games of America. Around the world he has expanded his contribution in the growing international markets choreographing, judging, and teaching camps in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.


Some of the best in the world say...

"Jonathan Lewis is the utmost professional and focuses on all areas of the scoresheet.  The girls adore him!  Not only does he teach motions and strong routine composition, he teaches our athletes how to PERFORM them!  We LOVE his fast-paced and FRESH choreo... and so do the judges!!  A big THANK YOU to this amazing choreographer!!”

- Wendy McConnell & Scott East, Coaches
Stingray All Stars Peach

 "Jonathan has been a key component of our success as a team, due to his detailed eye, and his ability to choreograph clean yet exciting routines.  I love working with this true industry professional, and always look forward to having him at the Tank."

- Ali Moffatt, Co-Owner/Head Coach
Cheer Sport Sharks (Great Whites)
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